The Sage Root VLOG

Pumpkin Protein Balls


A great fall afternoon treat!   Just try it. 

Pumpkin Bread


Sometimes a girl just needs a little bread in her life.   

Pecan Pie Bars


When you are craving pecan pie but really need to stay on track.   This is the recipe for you.    Take a look at how easy this is to make. 

Roasted Pears


Roasted fruits are the best especially when you drizzle a sweet honey and orange glaze on them.    

Sweet Potato Chilli


When it's fall it is chilli time!   This is a great one to substitute in now and again. 

Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes


Anything roasted in the fall is just delightful!    I combined my food of the week from last week and this week to make this killer side dish. 

Healthy Protein Balls


When you just need a light snack but need some extra protein as well.   These are a wonderful treat. 

Our Gatlinburg Adventures


We had an amazing time in Gatlinburg and shared some of our experiences.    You HAVE to watch this!

The Sage Root VLOG

Steak & Sriracha Lettuce Wraps


These are so easy for a Sunday afternoon lunch while your meal prepping or you can take them to work for the week. 

Sausage Fajita Casserole


This is an easy casserole to get all your favorite vegetables in and stay healthy!

My Favorite Fruit Salad


Fruit salad doesn't have to be boring.   This easy salad is a great side to any breakfast dish. 

We're Going Easy Today!


Overnight Oats, chocolate candies, chicken nuggets and carrot fries!

Part 2


Stuffed Peppers!

My Favorites Today!


Breakfast cookies, guacamole, vegetable hummus wraps and stuffed peppers!