Why Don't We Eat Real Food?


It's a simple question but so many have a hard time answering it.    I lay out some possible answers in today's podcast. 

Simple Things To Win In Fitness


Today I talk to my good friend Phillip Session about how you can win in your fitness game in 2020!   And it is much easier than you think.   Listen as Phillip gives his tips and easy things you can do now. 

PS. Stay until the end where we map out all of 2020 for you!

I Am A Planter Of Seeds!


2019 was the year that I believe to have figured out my purpose in life. 

I am a planter of seeds!

I am here to drop those little nuggets that can transform your life.  

What Are You Going To Tell God?


When you get to those gates, or whatever it is that you believe, what are you going to tell God about your life?

Get The Shit Out In 2020!


My goal in 2020 is to help you get some of the shit out so you can start making better food decisions for your body.    Today I talk about how!

I Should Have Died


Today I get real and raw with you.    I don't think I have every truly shared my car accident story on the podcast nor all the things that happened after. 

I recorded this from my favorite spot over looking Mark Twain Lake so the audio is a bit rough.    But hang in there because this is real!

There's Too Many To Count!


I had the privilege of attending a live event recently with some really heavy hitters.   People that have changed and will continue to change the world and business.    I took so much good information from it and just had to share.    But this isn't just about business, I relate it to your food as well.    

Get UnStuck With Food!


Are you tired of eating the same thing?

Need to spice up some of your meals?

This is the podcast for you.  Grab a pen and notepad and write down all these tips.    

Be Done Making Two Meals!


Are you in a house where not everyone is on the real food train yet?   I know I am and it gets frustrating trying to make food for yourself and your family.   

Today's podcast and raw, meaning I was walking the dog and had a random thought about this.    So here you go!    I know towards the end the audio is a bit hard to hear but I'll get it together one day. 

Brussel Sprouts & Chocolate Chips


Ashton truly is a rock star mom!   She took her midwest upbringing and is rocking the West Coast while raising a daughter and tackling her own body issues.   Oh yeah and traveling too!

Her story is unique to her but very similar to so many of us.   She finds the balance for her family between brussel sprouts and chocolate chips.

Fourth Quarter, Fourth Quarter, Fourth Quarter!


It's the fourth quarter, how are you crushing it?  How you set yourself up over these next 90 days is how you will live out 2020.   You can get prepared and put in the hard work now or you can sit back and just coast.   Either way you will reap what you sow in the first quarter of 2020.    Why not start now?

I Let Him On The Podcast!


Rusty and I recorded some of our trip and he tells all, no filter on this one!    Get the scoop from our trip!

A Momma's View


I had the pleasure of interviewing a great friend to talk more about how she keeps it all together and feeds her family healthy food!  This is a great interview, you will want to listen twice!

Cut The Crap...you're Note Too Busy!


Everyone gives this excuse as to why they can't do things.   Well it's time to cut the crap.    You are not "too busy" to get meaningful stuff done in life, oh and eat real food!  

I Am Buying 500 Acres!


Oh yes I am!    

Here is how I am going to do it.........

Just listen!

When Emotion Is Up, Intelligence Is Down


This is a real thing.    

I heard it on a conference call I was on recently and it really hit me.  Every time my emotions are up I never make the right decision.    Today I share some times when my emotions got the better of me and also how I try to handle that now.   

An Engineer, A College Student And Lifestyles!


I was ready to conquer the world when I was a senior in high school but my hopes of going as far east or west as I could were quickly dashed.     It is only now, 16 years later that maybe that engineer was right and his thoughts could apply to you. 

Tan Fat Is Still Fat


This was an off the cuff, random podcast all about tan fat.   The truth is tan fat is still fat so what are you doing to make sure the pasty, white fat looks better this year?

Poop Makes Me Happy!


I know what you are thinking, I must be sick and twisted.  Let me clarify I am not one of those people that is into a fascination with feces.  I did however have an unhealthy relationship with needing to go to the bathroom consistently in order to feel good.    Some would say I had an eating disorder because of my unrealistic habits.   This went on for most of my adult life and it has only been within the last six months that I have gotten it under control.    Seriously, I had to poop every day and I talk more about how this affected my mindset in this episode. 

The Truth About The Nutrition Business


I have spent the last few months trying to get to the root of where I want to take this business.     I think I have it figured out, at least for now.   But it has come with some trials and failures that are very relatable to the journey of trying to eat a bit healthier.   

What's Your Kid Eating?


Back to school is coming before you know it.  So is this the year you are going to re-focus on getting good nutritious food into your kids?  There are easy ways to go about it you just have to do it.    I am giving some good tips on how to do this on today's podcast!

Just Get Moving


Exercising doesn't have to be this intense, all or nothing, effort.    Just get up and start moving by doing something easy and working up to those intense workouts. 

Eating Socially


Don't turn down that next invite to eat out with friends.   I am talking all about how you can go out and eat with friends or family and enjoy your experience. 

Are You An Emotional Eater?


Our emotions play so heavily into what and how we eat.  I am tackling this thought on the podcast today and also exploring ways to take charge of our emotional eating. 

Intuitive Eating


Do you have any idea what Intuitive Eating is?   Deep down this is probably the state you want to get to.  But do you know how?

A Mom's Perspective


Today I am talking to a mom who raised two children during the convenience era and the mindset she was in.  This tells the tale of what raising kids in the 90's and 00's was like and what the focus was back then.   

The Convenience Era


Do you know what the convenience era is?   I believe it has destroyed us and it will take many years to try and recover from this.    This is why I studied nutrition and am so passionate about food. 

Are You Really Walking The Walk?


People can talk the talk but then are not truly walking the walk.  Are you one of those people?

What Are You Linking Your Happiness To?


Do you think you will be happy once you get a material thing?   What are you linking your happiness to and is it realistic?

My Weight Journey


I think it is important for you to understand where I was with my weight so you have some context on where I am coming from.    The process has been long and it still isn't over, news flash it will never be, but the journey has been entertaining. 

My Story


We all have to start somewhere and our past has gotten us to this point.  I thought it was important to share my story so you can understand the perspective with which I bring you information.